Will Watches… RWBY – Season 1

Will Blanton

RWBY (pronounced “ruby”) is an ongoing episodic animated series by Rooster Teeth that is just finishing up its fourth season.

Before binge watching the first 2 seasons, I was already in love with the characters and the art style. The cell shaded animation is very easy on the eyes.

Before the series began, each of the main characters got their own trailer on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel. The “Red” trailer was for Ruby Rose (voiced by Achievement Hunter member Lindsay Jones), “White” was for Weiss Schnee (former Rooster Teeth employee Kara Eberle), “Black” for Blake Belladonna, also known as my Waifu (Arryn Zech, voice actor also known for Dr. Emily Grey in Red Vs. Blue), and “Yellow” for Yang Xiao Long (Barbara Dunkelman, current Community Manager at Rooster Teeth). I would highly recommend watching these first before you dive into the series, but it’s not necessary.

After watching Season 1, I was forced to watch it again. Not only was it as good as the first time, I was catching myself recognizing the voice actors and attaching the characters to each individual voicing them. It was easy to say to myself “Hey, that’s Barbara!” or in the instance of Professor Port, “Hey, it’s Ryan!” (Achievement Hunter member). If you are a fan of Rooster Teeth, specifically the guys from Achievement Hunter, you’ll catch yourself doing it as well. I have a feeling that I’m going to have to watch all the episodes twice in order to fully review each season, and that is not a bad thing.

Season 1, as any good first season does, explains the backstory of the world of Remnant and of the characters within. Ruby Rose is a 15 year old girl who carries a weapon called the “Crescent Rose” which oddly can transform between a battle scythe and a sniper rifle. Yes, you read that right. Her weapon makes her an instant bad ass.

As the season progresses, I didn’t feel like it was slow at all. In episode 1 of this first season, there is a fight scene with Ruby and the lead antagonist, Roman Torchwick (Head of Animation at Rooster Teeth, Gray G. Haddock). It gives Ruby a reason to fight and that momentum carries through the entire season. The animation of the fight scenes is done so well that it doesn’t feel like it’s a slow build at all. There is also so much of a connection between the characters and the viewer that you don’t care when there is no fighting in a scene. You WANT to know more of the back story that is slowly integrated into the show.

The show does not insult intelligence, or make you feel stupid for not putting pieces together. Even if you miss it the first time, they will casually remind you. The first episode tells you that Ruby and Yang are “sisters”, but after a few episodes you can obviously tell that they aren’t sisters by blood.

I can’t wait for new episodes, and I know all the diehard fans of Rooster Teeth and RWBY can’t either.

Just remember, always be “Combat Ready”!


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