The Slip Stream: Empire – Season 4 Premiere

Slip Hyatt

It takes a minute to adjust back into the world of Empire. Empire is one of the best urban hip hop drama television shows to date. This premiere opener picks up right where they left off in their show of dominance.

Empire has always been about a constant power struggle within a dysfunctional family. This season is no different.

What is so great about Empire is that it touches on so many things that are real. Last season they touched on police violence and did a brilliant job on doing so.

What is best about Empire is that family is a huge element in the show. Although the family goes through the hardest of times…and goes back and forth with alliances, treachery, and deceit…we all get to see the fuel of this family, and how they are able to remain strong in such a cruel world.

The season four premiere gives us the power of family. No matter how hard things may be or whatever was done in the past, family is there for each other. That is no different for the Lyon family. This season opener is about trying to find the memory of Lucious.

Could this be a new turn for Lucious? Can he turn into the good man everyone wants him to be or will he forever be in denial?

Terrence Howard does an absolute phenomenal job with his incredible acting. Lucious Lyon has become amnesia-stricken and feels like another person altogether. He has become hearty and innocent in a sense.

The show begins with Empire’s 20th anniversary celebration being held at Leviticus. The Lyon family, all but Lucious, are doing their interviews backstage. They all discuss with their interviewers how Lucious is the legacy of Empire, but no one knows if he will be attending the event.

Just as Lucious appears with a cane in hand, Miss Carlotta (Queen Latifah) suggests that Lucious host a Star’s girl group on a few Empire tracks. She insists because her very own girl group sang on some of Lucious’ songs in the past. He becomes confused but eventually agrees to help, but doesn’t remember who she is.

That is more or less the beginning of the show.

I look forward to the next episode every time. The show always leaves you on the end of your seat, and you are always wondering what is going to happen with your favorite characters. In my case it’s Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) and Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett).

I would easily give this episode 4/5 stars.


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